The Communications and Networks Collaborative Technology Alliance Publication Network: A Case Study on Graph and Simplicial Complex Analysis

Report No. ARL-TR-7301
Authors: Terrence J Moore, Robert J Drost, and Ananthram Swami
Date/Pages: May 2015; 60 pages
Abstract: This report examines the co-authorship network from the publication record of the Communication and Networks Collaborative Technology Alliance (C&N CTA). In addition to several traditional graph properties, we examine various simplicial complex properties of the network where the simplex structure is generated by the group of co-authors on individual papers. In particular, we study aspects of the connectivity of k-simplices and k-facets.We study particular centrality characteristics, revealing inherent properties of co-authorship networks, including facet degrees follow a power law distribution, homology cycles intersect, and minimal non-faces are due to independent clustering.We also study more traditional topological properties of the network, including Q-analysis, f-vectors, and the Euler characteristic.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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