A Standard for Command, Control, Communications and Computers (C4) Test Data Representation to Integrate with High-Performance Data Reduction

Report No. ARL-TR-7329
Authors: Ken Renard; Brian Panneton
Date/Pages: June 2015; 18 pages
Abstract: Data reduction for analysis of Command, Control, Communications, and Computer (C4) network tests can be complex in several aspects. Test design, instrumentation configuration, instrumentation properties, failure modes, and many other factors determine how test data is interpreted and used for data reduction and further analytics. The sheer volume of data is one aspect that can be addressed with High-Performance Computing (HPC) and managed by scaling the amount of processing resources available. The US Army Research Laboratory (ARL) and Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) have developed a scalable data reduction software suite that has been successfully used for several C4 network test events. This development effort has resulted in a quick turn-around capability for reducing data suitable for analysis. During the development period, this data came from Capability Set (CS) and Instrument Calibration Events (ICE). Further operations and continued development used data sets from Network Integration Evaluation (NIE) events. This report describes one of the major challenges encountered during this development and how it was addressed so that future tests can be handled better.
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