Simulation of Blast on Porcine Head

Report No. ARL-TR-7340
Authors: Yolin Huang
Date/Pages: July 2015; 76 pages
Abstract: Shock tube blast on porcine head experimental data, including incident pressure, surface pressure, intracranial pressure, and cranial acceleration, has been compared with simulation using ALE3D. Other physical variables (coup-contrecoup pressure profile, vaporization pressure, skull strain, strain in brain, effective stress, deviatoric strain energy, Löwenhielm vein injury criterion, viscous injury criterion, linear acceleration, and angular acceleration) in the simulations do not have corresponding test data for comparison; they are discussed in association with their injury instigation implications with references to other published findings. The effect of variation of shear modulus based on published measurement data for the brain on impact response is discussed. Furthermore, some nuances about the shock tube simulation are discussed. With progress in geometry-conforming meshing technique, in noninvasive high-rate properties, and in development in material models, further advances in simulation fidelity will emerge. They will help in early diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of brain injury.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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