A Huygens Surface Approach to Antenna Implementation in Near-Field Radar Imaging System Simulations

Report No. ARL-TR-7366
Authors: Traian Dogaru and DaHan Liao
Date/Pages: August 2015; 36 pages
Abstract: This study introduces a new hybrid approach to implementing the radar transmitters and receivers in the NAFDTD simulation software, by replacing the physical antennas with equivalent currents sheets on a surrounding closed surface. After validating the code for several simple scenarios, we present a large-scale simulation in the presence of multiple targets embedded in a rough ground environment. The model consists of an ultra-wideband, forward-looking radar imaging system, equipped with a multi-static antenna array and mounted on a forward-moving platform. The resulting scattering data from the 2-dimensional synthetic aperture are used in creating maps of the terrain in front of the platform via a time-reversal technique. We consider several target types, placed on the ground surface or buried, and clutter from rough surfaces with different statistics.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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