Design of a Combined Ballistic Simulator and Primer Force Experimental Fixture

Report No. ARL-MR-0896
Authors: Todd Dutton; Andrew Brant
Date/Pages: August 2015; 42 pages
Abstract: Two innovative methods used to research propellant ignition during the gun cycle have been combined into a single experimental fixture. The first experimental technique uses a transparent cylinder and high-speed video to record the ignition of propellant while recording pressurization. The second technique uses a force gauge behind the breech to measure the force acting in the primer cup, which should approximate breech pressure in the gun. These techniques have been combined for the first time and scaled to larger calibers than previously tested. The new fixture allows pressure to be measured where the base of the bullet would be in a gun and allows force acting in the primer cup to be measured while using a transparent chamber to view flame spreading. The experimental fixture was fabricated for firing 0.50-cal. Browning machine gun primers and propellant and systems that use large rifle primers. Initial experimental data and future adaptations of the fixture will be discussed.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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Last Update / Reviewed: August 1, 2015