Measured In Situ Atmospheric Ambient Aerosol Size-Distributions, Particle Concentrations, and Turbulence Data for the RSA TA-6 Test Range, Redstone Arsenal, AL, AprilMay 2015

Report No. ARL-TN-0702
Authors: Kristan Gurton, Stephanie Cunningham, and Edward E Montgomery
Date/Pages: September 2015; 26 pages
Abstract: This report documents a series of in situ measurements designed to characterize atmospheric effects that influences electromagnetic (EM) propagation (i.e., ambient aerosol loading and optical turbulence), during the 5-day periods of April 2024 and May 48, 2015, at the RSA TA-6 Test Range, located at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. Specific aerosol parameters presented in this report include, ambient aerosol size distributions (0.54 ¼m < diameter <20 µm), aerosol particle concentrations (#/cm3), and submicron number density (diameter <0.54 µm). In addition, we present a measure of the magnitude of the optical turbulence, i.e., the refractive index structure parameter, Cn2, which was measured along a horizontal path approximately 2 m above the surface of the site. Also presented are the corresponding meteorological conditions that influence the formation of ambient aerosols and that influence the relative strength of the optical turbulence at the site, e.g., temperature, relative humidity, and visibility.
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