Strand Burner Results of AFP-001 Propellant with Inert Coating for Temperature Compensation

Report No. ARL-MR-0907
Authors: John J Ritter; Anthony Canami
Date/Pages: October 2015; 20 pages
Abstract: The US Army Research Laboratory is currently exploring methods of manufacturing propellants whose performance is negligibly impacted by the wide range of operating temperatures demanded of a fielded propellant. The current approach is to coat the propellant with an inert material such that the amount of exposed base grain available to initially burn is controlled through the temperature-dependent mechanical properties of the coating. In effect the coating inhibits surface area initially available to burn at hot temperatures and exposes the greatest amount of base grain at cold temperatures. The end result is a propellant performance (i.e., burning rate) profile that is independent of initial temperature. This report discusses the strand burner results of 3 chosen candidate coatings that were applied to an AFP-001 base grain propellant. Included will be the base grains burning rate at a pressure of up to 10 MPa and the burning rates of the coated propellants, also up to 10 MPa.
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