Harmonic Phase Response of Nonlinear Radar Targets

Report No. ARL-TR-7513
Authors: Sean F McGowan, Dr Gregory J Mazzaro, Kelly D Sherbondy, and Ram M Narayanan
Date/Pages: October 2015; 36 pages
Abstract: One of the latest challenges being investigated by the US Army Research Laboratory's (ARL) Electronics and Radio Frequency (E&RF) Division is the development of a radar system that can accurately detect and range an electronically nonlinear target, such as a detonator of an improvised explosive device (IED). Previous nonlinear radar systems detect targets via transmission of a single frequency ω, stepping (incrementally increasing) this frequency through a wide bandwidth, and then listening for a response of the 2nd harmonic 2ω; however, the phase information that this harmonic contains and its relationship to target distance has been largely assumed and unconfirmed. Our most recent experimental tests, both wired and wireless, have confirmed that this harmonic phase response is constant versus frequency at the target. Using inverse Fourier transforms, the range of an electronic nonlinear target can be determined from that phase.
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