Tensile Deformation and Adiabatic Heating in Post-Yield Response of Polycarbonate

Report No. ARL-TR-7531
Authors: C. Allan Gunnarsson; Bryan Love; Paul Moy; Tusit Weerasooriya
Date/Pages: November 2015; 22 pages
Abstract: It is well known that amorphous polymers, such as polycarbonate (PC), will exhibit adiabatic heating due to the large plastic work that occurs when undergoing significant plastic deformation. However, the extent of adiabatic heating has not been investigated, with respect to strain rate, with full-field temperature measurements performed on the specimen during deformation. In this study, American Society for Testing and Materials tensile dog-bone PC specimens were used to investigate the rate-dependent mechanical response from quasi-static to intermediate (~5/s) strain rates using a traditional servo-hydraulic load frame. To determine the variations in yield and post-yield response at different locations of the gage area of the specimen, digital image correlation was used to measure the full-field surface strains. In addition, an InSb thermal camera was used concurrently to measure the full-field temperature distribution in the gage area during the deformation. The material experienced nonuniform temperature increases as high as 30 ℃ and showed significant rate-sensitive mechanical response.
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