Volume II: Compendium of Abstracts

Report No. ARL-TM-2016a
Authors: ARL Summer Student Research Symposium
Date/Pages: June 2017; 68 pages

The ARL Summer Student Research Symposium is an ARL Director's Award Program for all the students participating in various summer scholarship and contract activities across ARL. The goal of the program is to recognize and publicize exceptional achievements made by the students and their mentors in the support of Army science.

All college undergraduate and graduate students receiving research appointments and conducting summer studies at ARL are automatically enrolled in the symposium program. As an integral part of their summer study, all students are required to write a paper on their work, which summarizes their major activity and its end product.

The program is conducted on two separate competitive levels: undergraduate and graduate. The format of the paper in both levels is the same. However, the evaluation will take into consideration the difference in the academic level of the students.

All students submitted their research paper for directorate review. Directorate judging panels selected two papers from each competition category for the laboratory-wide competition at the Summer Student Symposium on 11 August 2016.

Students selected by their directorate for competition participated in the one-day Summer Student Symposium on 11 August 2016. At the symposium, the students presented their papers to the ARL Director and an ARL Fellows panel.

This volume of the Summer Student Symposium Proceedings contains many of the abstracts for the papers prepared for the Summer Student Symposium Program.

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