Application of Existing Uncertainty Quantification Capabilities to Modeling of Dynamic Penetration of Armor: A Follow-Up

Report No. ARL-TN-0950
Authors: James J Ramsey
Date/Pages: May 2019; 39 pages
Abstract: This is a continuation of previous work discussed in the technical report Survey of Existing Uncertainty Quantification Capabilities for Army-Relevant Problems (ARL-TR-8218), in particular, the application of existing software tools for uncertainty quantification to modeling of penetration of rolled homogeneous armor. Whereas this previous work used only one plasticity model for the target and crude estimates for the material model's parameters, the current work uses two plasticity models, Johnson-Cook and Zerilli-Armstrong, and estimates the uncertainties in the parameters of these models by applying approximate interval predictor models to experimental stress-strain data of the target material. In addition, three software tools are applied to the penetration problem: Dakota, OpenTURNS, and UQPy. The two material models lead to largely overlapping uncertainty intervals for the penetration depth, and these intervals are less than half as wide as those of the previous work. The three software tools largely agree in their output but differ in their computational expense and ease of use.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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