Approach for Understanding Range Extension of Gliding Indirect Fire Munitions

Report No. ARL-TR-8753
Authors: Joshua T Bryson, Joseph D Vasile, Ilmars Celmins, Frank E Fresconi
Date/Pages: August 2019; 40 pages
Abstract: This report formulates an approach for understanding range extension of gliding indirect fire munitions equipped with enhanced lifting surfaces. The key elements consist of accurate aerodynamic characterization, flexible analytical tools, and high-fidelity flight simulations. Several techniques are integrated to accurately characterize the aerodynamics. Analytical tools were developed that accommodate rapid alteration of the enhanced lifting surface characteristics to recommend optimal configurations, which are examined in flight simulation. This framework is demonstrated using a munition concept with deployable aerodynamic surfaces. Results highlight the importance of lift-to-drag and the optimal trim angle induced by the control mechanism on range maximization. The generalized approach outlined in this report can be applied to specific system constraints such as launch conditions (e.g., initial velocity and angle), munition size/weight, and sub-system allocation (e.g., warhead volume) to inform technical decisions such as balancing flight performance and design complexity.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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