Noise Photons Due to Self-Phase Modulation in an Entangled Photon Source

Report No. ARL-TR-8790
Authors: Alexandra Morosova, Daniel E Jones, Michael Brodsky
Date/Pages: September 2019; 23 pages
Abstract: The distribution of entanglement over a network is essential for performing quantum networking applications. However, available (or technologically feasible) entangled photon sources output not only pairs of entangled photons, but also various types of noise photons, which hinder the ability to successfully distribute entanglement. Quantum network operators must know exactly what types of photons their entangled sources are creating to effectively distribute entanglement over the network. In this report, we describe precisely timed measurements of detection events and the resulting ratio of coincidental to accidental detections, known as the coincidence to accidental ratio (CAR). We then perform a nonlinear regression on the CAR data to prove that the accidental coincidences due to noise in our setup scale stronger than quadratically in pump power. We are able to fit some of the data with an analytical model, which provides evidence of an additional source of noise due to self-phase modulation of the pump laser.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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