Distributed Kalman Filters for Cooperative Localization of Munition Swarms

Report No. ARL-CR-0839
Authors: Bradley T Burchett
Date/Pages: September 2019; 37 pages
Abstract: Cooperative localization is a way for munition swarms to navigate in areas where GPS is denied or degraded. Cooperative schemes seek to distribute sensing and computing tasks among members of the swarm so that several agents with simpler, cheaper sensors and processors achieve high-precision solutions. Range-only sensors tend to be simpler, cheaper, and more rugged, thus this work considers only slant-range measurements between agents. Formulations of the distributed extended and unscented Kalman filters are reviewed in the context of range-only cooperative navigation. Measurement update equations are updated specific to the distributed extended Kalman filter for range-only measurements. Computational and communication sequences are clarified for distributed algorithms in formations larger than three. Several case studies are simulated to test for system observability and demonstrate performance of the algorithms.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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Last Update / Reviewed: September 1, 2019