Environmentally Aware Drones: Automated Impacts Routing (AIR) Embedded into Drone Technology

Report No. ARL-TR-8816
Authors: Jeffrey O Johnson
Date/Pages: September 2019; 20 pages
Abstract: Military swarming is often encountered in asymmetric warfare where opposing forces are not of the same size or capacity. In such situations, swarming involves the use of a decentralized force against an opponent in a manner that emphasizes mobility, communication, unit autonomy, and coordination or synchronization. On a future battlefield, commanders will deploy intelligent autonomous systems (IASs) that can function in a swarm-like mentality. It is envisioned in 2040 that these IASs will pervade the battlefield. These systems must rapidly sense, react, and learn from the environment in which they function. This report describes the use of CCDC Army Research Laboratory's Automated Impacts Routing as a central part of an embedded system within an unmanned aerial system (or drone), as demonstrated during Phase I of a Small Business Innovation Research program.
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