Multi-Scale Multidisciplinary Modeling of Electronic Materials


The objective of the Multi-Scale Multidisciplinary Modeling of Electronic Materials CRA is to develop quantitative understanding of materials from the smallest to the largest relevant scales to advance the state of the art in electronic, optoelectronic and electrochemical materials and devices. Models are needed to assist in the creation of new devices and in improving current devices. The applications of interest include, but are not limited to, sensors and electronics for enhanced battlespace effects and efficient power and energy devices. ARL envisions the alliance bringing together government, industry and academia through this basic research program to develop and advance the state of the art of MSME in the following areas:

  • Electrochemical Energy Devices – Focus on interfacial physics and chemistry, ion transport, nanostructures, solid-liquid interface: to include fuel cells, capacitors, etc.
  • Hybrid Photonic Devices – Study the interaction of photons, electrons, and phonons, to include photonics, spintronics, plasmonics, etc.
  • Heterogeneous Metamorphic Electronics – Examine mixed materials with partial ordering, e.g., graphene, metamaterials, nanoelectronic structures, etc.

Contact Information

ARL Collaborative Alliance Manager
Dr. Meredith Reed

University Lead:
Professor Mike Kirby

Consortium Members

  • University of Utah, Lead Research Organization
  • Boston University
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute