Intellectual Property

The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) Army Research Laboratory Technology Transfer (T2) Office promotes and supports the transfer of DEVCOM ARL-developed Intellectual Property (IP) from the laboratory to the private sector, through the establishment of strategic partnerships and promotion of research opportunities, facilities, and capabilities, for the benefit of both DEVCOM ARL and the nation.

Many of DEVCOM ARL’s innovative technologies are available for exclusive licensing, often at competitive rates, and the T2 Office works to find entrepreneurs, businesses and technologists to transition these technologies to the commercial market. We encourage you to explore our featured DEVCOM ARL IP and DEVCOM ARL Technologies sites and learn about some of the IP and technologies that can be licensed.

DEVCOM ARL’s T2 program facilitates the exchange of scientific and technological knowledge and capabilities between DEVCOM ARL and industry, academia, and local governments. DEVCOM ARL is striving to create an innovative science and technology (S&T) ecosystem to commercialize DEVCOM ARL IP and create economic value for local communities through the formation of new technology ventures.

Aluminum Based Nanogalvanic Alloys for Hydrogen Generation

It has long been known that aluminum (Al) reacts with water to produce hydrogen (H2) gas and aluminum oxide via a hydrolysis reaction. Aluminum metal oxidizes when in contact with water, rapidly producing a passivating oxide layer which prevents the hydrolysis reaction (evolution of H2). Further, hydrolysis to evolve H2 can only occur if the native oxide layer is actively removed. This is usually achieved by adding hazardous corrosive compounds (caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, etc.) which dissolve in water, toxic and expensive metals (such as gallium, platinum, etc.), or by forcing the reaction by additional external energy (electric current and/or superheated steam).

The U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) has invented a novel nanogalvanic structured aluminum based particulate material which is capable of generating hydrogen very rapidly by hydrolysis reaction with water and any liquid that contains water (e.g. naturally scavenged water, coffee, energy drink, urine, etc.) at room temperature without chemicals, catalysts or externally supplied power. These patent pending powders produce hydrogen at a rate that currently is one of the fastest reported for Al and water reactions without the need of hazardous and costly materials or additional processes. The reaction results in the production of hydrogen and heat with only inert residual materials. ARL has demonstrated that hydrolysis will occur with virtually any water containing liquid.