Questions and Answers

Below is an archive of general questions and answers, listed in order received.

What kind of equipment would be needed to manufacture the powder?

ARL has generated the powder via high energy ball mill. While no other method has been demonstrated, ARL believes other powder manufacturing processes could be used.

Is there any toxic or friable materials used or produced during the process?

No, the only things in the mill are aluminum (pure or alloy) powder, alternative additive metal powder and a small amount of stearic acid.

This powder reacts directly with water, no electricity, correct?

Correct, no external energy source of materials are required.

Does it leave any residue once it combusts?

The products of the nanogalvanic aluminum powder electrolysis reaction with water are hydrogen gas and aluminum oxide or hydroxide (and any residual water or powder not consumed). The hydrogen gas contains some water vapor, which can be removed prior to combustion using conventional means. You can see the results in the video:

Is it possible to have direct interaction with the inventors? Can you supply non-confidential data?

Yes, we are having three WebEx’s this week were the inventors are available to discuss the technology at a non-confidential level. During the Webex, we will be reviewing the available PowerPoint file from the website. That overview brief and marketing sheet are the best non-confidential available.

Process to get the IP? Scale? Technology? What is the BULK DENSITY? What is the reaction rate with water?

In order to get a sample of the material and confidential data, you need to complete the LPCRADA available on this site. That document will begin the negotiation between your organization and ARL to understand your intent for the material and the data you will provide ARL in return for the material. We are currently providing a sample size of 10g, but can provide some additional material if the testing regime proposed will require more product. Several of the other questions can be raised at the WebEx.