SSP Task Initiation Process

New task requests must be submitted through the SSP Portal. The SSP Portal prompts the requestor to answer yes or no questions in order to determine the type of requested action and required documentation. Ultimately the Contracting Officer Representative (COR) is responsible for ensuring that all of the required documents are properly uploaded to the SSP Portal.

For assistance with technical issues send an email to or call Mr. Jim Ward at 919-549-4279.

To start a new task order, all of the following documents must be uploaded:

  • SSP Performance Work Statement (PWS)
  • Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE) (PWS Attachment 1) (with two signatures)
  • Signatures and Determinations (PWS Attachment 2) (with COR signature)
  • Service Contract Approval Forms (Required for all Department of Defense Agencies)
  • All Army Customers must provide Direct Charge (DRCH) Forms for funding.
  • Funding Document (MIPRs, Interagency Agreements, etc.) two MIPRs are required: one (1) MIPR for the task order or project funding and one (1) MIPR for the ARO/ARL processing fees. In addition, a DD-1144 Support Agreement Form must accompany all reimbursable MIPRs.
  • COR Certificates (for both prime and alternate)
  • OPSEC/Security Forms (Forms are located in the portal and will need to be completed/signed by the COR prior to submission)

Please Note: A DD-1144 Form Support Agreement is required for ALL reimbursable MIPRs. Support Agreements must be signed and approved by all parties involved before funds will be sent for acceptance.

Contracting Officer Representative (COR) Training

COR Training

In recognition of the many responsibilities and duties required of the Contracting Officer Representative (COR), it is required that all CORs complete their COR training to be appointed COR prior to award. Currently the following COR training is required to serve as a COR under the SSP Contract.

Refresher training via CLC 222 is required every three years. The DAU courses can be accessed by DOD and non-DOD employees.

Training certificates must be submitted via the SSP Portal with each new task or modification request.

For consideration of a course other than the CLC COR course, include with the request enough information about the course to enable the contracting officer to make an informed decision regarding the acceptability of the course as a COR course equivalent (i.e., syllabus from the class, outline. The equivalent class must be a minimum of 36 hours as CLC 222 is a 36 hour web-based course).

Department of Defense (DOD) Contracting Officer Representative Tracking Tool (CORT Tool)

All SSP CORS must register to use the COR Tool by logging in through WAWF and clicking on the “CORT Tool” icon. Before ARO will issue a new SSP award or continue forth with a modification action, the COR must indicate nomination to be appointed as COR. In order to avoid delays in task order award, CORs should register and nominate themselves as COR for each task when a new SSP task request is submitted.

Prior to the award of a task order, the ARO Contract Specialist will contact the COR with the specific task order number and request that a Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) be uploaded via the COR Tool. CORs may use the SSP QASP Template provided in documents or use an alternate format, at a minimum, containing the same or similar information.

After award, CORs must submit a Monthly Status Report via the COR Tool until task completion. CORs may use the SSP Monthly Report Template or use an alternate format that, at a minimum, contains the same information.