The CAST is a collaborative nexus for envisioning future paradigms and innovating advanced technologies that will shape next-generation Soldier-intelligent agent teams.







Front page of the CaNCTA Final ReportThe Cognition and Neuroergonomics (CaN) Collaborative Technology Alliance (CTA) was a 10-year basic science research and technology transition program in the neurosciences. Formed by the US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Army Research Laboratory in 2010, this program was a collaborative effort among Government, industry, and academic partners. Over its tenure, the CaN CTA made significant advances in neuroscience, neurotechnology, and related fields. The work under the CaN CTA has impacted a number of Army programs using neurotechnology to enhance next-generation Soldier systems. This report provides both a high-level overview of the vision, approach, and impact of the program as well as detailed scientific progress and technical achievements from the member organizations.