CAST Collaboration

 The Center for Agent-Soldier Teaming is built on the
exchange of ideas, researchers, and the open sharing of facilities, methods and technologies.
Effective collaboration is fueled by mutual investment by all partners.

Our goal is to facilitate science and technology to enable novel groups of humans and intelligent agents to team as robustly as today’s Soldiers. Our success relies on tight collaborations among highly invested and engaged investigators and innovators who share our research focus. Given the extended scope of our vision here in CAST, we believe that it is essential to seek collaboration beyond today’s pool of talented and experienced investigators. A major aim of the CAST is to foster the development of the next generation of investigators so that they are equipped with the vision, expertise, and collaborative networks needed to address agent-Soldier teaming in the decades to come. Of course, to realize the CAST vision, we must rely on the knowledge, skills, experience, and relationships of seasoned scientists and engineers, whether based on our in-house core competencies or that of the world beyond our campuses. More than that, however, we hope to create the space for reciprocal growth wherein even the most senior members of the team may continue to grow and develop. As we co-create teams to forge paths into new intellectual and technical territory, we anticipate many opportunities for continual learning, creative ideation, and innovation to emerge.

If you haven’t already, please use the graphic above to explore the different ways of collaborating through the CAST