Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

CLIVEIC Established with the CAST, the Innovations Commons combines a communal makerspace with a human and environmental tracking and analysis space. The communal makerspace is designed to encourage inventive exploration and rapid prototyping of human-system, human-environment interaction technologies. The human and environmental tracking and analysis space is aimed at supporting research into the understanding of variations in human states and behaviors that occur across short and long time scales. The lab is open to all interested users and offers the opportunity to experiment with environmental and wearable sensors within a user-hackable environment. Projects are sought that demonstrate technology and environment responses and/or adaptations to human-sensed data. Users are invited to work on their own projects and analyses within the fully-outfitted space, while benefiting from exposure to other creative minds and cutting-edge technologies.

Interested in the Innovation Commons?
POC: Alfred Yu, Margaret Duff
Established 2016

MIND Data CollectionMINDLab The Mission Impact through Neuro-inspired Design (MIND) Laboratory at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD (APG) is designed to facilitate basic and applied research that transitions neuroscience knowledge and approaches from the laboratory to real-world environments and applications. The MIND facility comprises two core elements: First, a multi-chamber, re-configurable experimental space provides state-of-the-art, electrically and acoustically controllable environments specifically designed for maximizing neurophysiological, physiological, and behavioral measurement capabilities and data acquisition. Facilities support a wide range of tasks bolstering single- and multi-participant, multi-disciplinary translational neuroscience research efforts. There is a centrally located control chamber specifically designed for neurophysiological research, with custom patch-panels containing a variety of electrically filtered pass-through connections. MIND’s second core element is a computing laboratory with more than two dozen networked, multi-core, large memory capacity Linux workstations and a dedicated multi-core distributed computing server that enables the development, implementation, and utilization of advanced computational and algorithmic approaches.

Interested in the MIND Lab?
POC: Cortney Bradford
Established 2011