STRONG Innovation Summit Series



We are excited to kick off our annual Innovation Summit Series – Virtual Edition! Events begin on Monday, June 8th and will continue until August 7th.


Although we will surely miss the in-person interactions that were enjoyed last year at ARL Northeast in Burlington, MA, there are a multitude of benefits that this virtual modality affords. Importantly, we have significantly spread the time commitment out across the summer, increasing participation feasibility and access (please scroll down for agenda details).


The entire 9-week series will be held using Microsoft Teams, within which we will leverage online tools to create a dynamic, collaborative environment for idea generation, brainstorming, exploring new partnerships, and more!  To participate, you will need to register and be especially sure to answer Questions 9 & 10, which are critical for planning the sessions.  Please use the button below to complete the REQUIRED registration form online now!

Please note that, while we are excited to open participation more broadly than last year, some of the sessions will be limited to attendees who have already become part of the program through our annual proposal submission process. We have labored to craft a majority of sessions as open, yet the limited “closed-door” sessions are necessary to meet our programmatic obligations and goals.

If you are unsure what this is all about, please browse over to our STRONG Program Page for details about our aims and how to become a participant yourself!



Weekly Topic


2:00-3:30 EDT


2:00-3:30 EDT


2:00-3:30 EDT

Additional Details

6/8 to 6/12

Week 1

Kickoff & Intros

Welcome, Icebreaker, Breakout Brainstorm Panel, Conversation Starter

Cycle 1 Panel, Participant Breakout and Discussion Questions

Creative Team-Building Activity (Mystery); Brainstorm and Reporting, Segue to Week 2

STRONG SISS Week01.pdf

6/15 to 6/19

Week 2

Technical Intros & Connections

3 minute theses, Breakout Discussion

3 minute theses, Breakout Discussion

Creative Team-Building Activity (Create a Teammate), Discussion, Cycle 2 in Context

STRONG SISS Week02.pdf

6/22 to 6/26

Week 3

Technical Deep Dives

Deep dive into technical proposals, expertise, and potential impact

Deep dive into technical proposals, expertise, and potential impact

Hackathon Day 1 -- Explaining the Hackathon, the contest, etc. (1hr)

STRONG SISS Week03.pdf

6/29 to 6/30

Week 4

Future Concepts

Purpose: Understand ARL's emphasis on a unified approach toward research and concept development and operationally relevant use cases aligned with STRONG research goals.

Agenda: Presentation of Human Optimization Initiatives within the military, including Optimizing Human-Machine Interactions for Multi-Domain Operations, Training on future concepts such as Multi-Domain Operations, and facilitated discussion linking STRONG-related research and future concepts

No Meeting - Happy July 4th weekend

STRONG SISS Week04.pdf


Week 5


No Meeting - Happy July 4th weekend No Meeting - Happy July 4th weekend Greensuiter Panel


7/13 to 7/17

Week 6

Workshops & HRED Capabilities

Virtual Environments Workshop

Day 1

Virtual Environments Workshop

Day 2

Showcase HRED / ARL Capabilities for Collaborative Planning

STRONG SISS Week06.pdf

7/20 to 7/24

Week 7

6.2 Transition

Human Agent Teaming

Essential Research Program Overview

Transition Pipelines Hackathon and Hosted Workshop Wrap-Up

STRONG SISS Week07.pdf

7/27 to 7/31

Week 8

Industry Partnerships and Novel Transition Pathways

Dual-Use Technologies, VCs and other Transition Opportunities Dual-Use Technologies, VCs and other Transition Opportunities Wrap Up General Summit / Final Proposal Prep

STRONG SISS Week08.pdf

8/3 to 8/7

Week 9

Cycle 2 Proposals & Evaluations

 TBD Based on Proposal Groups; MAX = 9 Scheduled Hours During Week


Let us know if you or have any difficulties or questions!

The STRONG Management Team

Arwen Deconstanza

Charlene Stokes

Katelynn Howard