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Image Source/Credit Pages Appears on John Consoli, University of Maryland ( About Science & Technology
Army Times Publishing Co. in 2008, “Land Warrior” Graphic About Science & Technology
Adelphi Laboratory Center, MD (Photo Credit: U.S. Army Photo) About
Kostas Institute for Homeland Security (Photo Credit: Northeastern University) About ARL Northeast
ARL Cognitive Assessment, Simulation, and Engineering Laboratory (CASEL), VirTra Simulator (ARL-Owned Image) About Intelligent Squad Weapons CASEL
Warfighter Machine Interface with Overlays; Evans, 2013 ( Science & Technology Soldiers Understanding Agents
Internet of Battlefield Things (US Army Illustration) Kott, 2018 ( Science & Technology Adaptive Teaming
Miscellaneous Warfighter Machine Interface and Crewstation Images (US Army Research Lab Owned) Science & Technology Soldiers Understanding Agents Vehicle Crew
Future Mind Interface Science & Technology Agents Understanding Soldiers
Autonomous Squad Member Interface (Photo Credit: Dr. Jessie Chen) Soldiers Understanding Agents
Brain computer chip concept are (Image: Shutterstock) Agents Understanding Soldiers
Training an Agent Manually via Evaluative Reinforcement (U.S. Army Graphic) Adaptive Teaming
Miscellaneous ARL-owned laboratory Images Intelligent Squad Weapons INFORMS Lab MIND Lab
Wordcloud Art Created at Team
"Creative Commons Drone SVG Vector" by SVG Repo is licensed under CC BY-NC "Creative Commons Moon Rover Vector SVG" by SVG Repo is licensed under CC BY-NC "Silhouette Soldier Gun" by Mohamed Hassan is licensed under CC0 "Silhouette Soldier Armour" by Mohamed Hassan is licensed under CC0 "Tanks icon" by HOME
"Creative Commons US East Temples Outline Map" by Shereth is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 Innovation Hubs
"Light Bulb 6" by Simple Icon Innovation Commons
"EEG Cap" by The Noun Project is licensed under CC0 MIND Lab Automated EEG mega-analysis I: Spectral and amplitude characteristics across studies (2020). N Bigdely-Shamlo, J Touryan, A Ojeda, C Kothe, T Mullen, K Robbins. NeuroImage 207, 116361. (top figure) Advanced Computational Approaches Garcia, J. O., Ashourvan, A., Muldoon, S., Vettel, J. M., & Bassett, D. S. (2018). Applications of community detection techniques to brain graphs: Algorithmic considerations and implications for neural function. Proceedings of the IEEE, 106(5), 846-867. (bottom figure) Advanced Computational Approaches  Decoding P300 Variability using Convolutional Neural Networks (2019).   AJ Solon, VJ Lawhern, JO Touryan, JR McDaniel, AJ Ries, SM Gordon.   Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 13, 201 (left image) Brain Computer Interaction   Lapborisuth, P., Faller, J., Koss, J., Waytowich, N. R., Touryan, J., & Sajda, P. (2019, July). Investigating evoked EEG responses to targets presented in virtual reality. In 2019 41st Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC) (pp. 5536-5539). IEEE. (top, right image) Brain Computer Interaction   Kothe, C., Mullen, T., & Makeig, S. (2018, October). STRUM: A New Dataset for Neuroergonomics Research. In 2018 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC) (pp. 77-82). IEEE. (bottom, tight image) Brain Computer Interaction   Vettel, J. M., Lauharatanahirun, N., Wasylyshyn, N., Roy, H., Fernandez, R., Cooper, N., ... & Garcia, J. O. (2018, July). Translating driving research from simulation to interstate driving with realistic traffic and passenger interactions. In International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (pp. 126-138). Springer, Cham.  (top right image) Real World Neuroscience   Symeonidou, E. R., Nordin, A. D., Hairston, W. D., & Ferris, D. P. (2018). Effects of cable sway, electrode surface area, and electrode mass on electroencephalography signal quality during motion. Sensors, 18(4), 1073. Real World Neuroscience   Snyder, K. L., Kline, J. E., Huang, H. J., & Ferris, D. P. (2015). Independent component analysis of gait-related movement artifact recorded using EEG electrodes during treadmill walking. Frontiers in human neuroscience, 9, 639. (bottom left)

Real World Neuroscience   Lance, B. J., Larkin, G. B., Touryan, J. O., Rexwinkle, J. T., Gutstein, S. M., Gordon, S. M., ... & Lawhern, V. J. (2020, April). Minimizing data requirements for soldier-interactive AI/ML applications through opportunistic sensing. In Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Multi-Domain Operations Applications II (Vol. 11413, p. 1141306). International Society for Optics and Photonics. Transition: TACK Vision