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ARL researchers win best poster award for entire CogSIMA conference

18 Dec 2016

Army Research Laboratory (ARL) researchers win an award for best poster at the IEEE CogSIMA conference held in San Diego,CA, 2016.

Using Gamification to Promote Adherence in Long-Term Monitoring

Novel and Enabling Technologies

14 Nov 2016

The THVP project is taking a challenge of attempting to understand human variability over long time periods in real world settings. One of the critical problems they will face is minimizing attrition of volunteers over the course of long-term data collection. A possible solution to this issue may arise from focusing on the timing and frequency of rewards being provided to volunteers for their participation.

Exercise tracking applications represent an example of technology that has made use of this approach for motivating users.

New Theoretical Perspective on Resting State Networks

Influential Manuscripts

1 Nov 2016

Gustavo Deco and colleagues offer insights into the resting-state network that may help us understand how the human brain dynamically interacts with technologies and the environment. For more on their new theoretical framework, see Deco et al (2013).

CAST News Feed

16 Nov 2016

The CAST News Feed is up and running, we look forward to a vigorous discussion of the science underlying human-centric technology adaptation.

Cross-Frequency Coupling Methodology May Help Cybernetics Modeling

Influential Manuscripts

1 Nov 2016

We are reading the paper ‘Is Perception Discrete or Continuous’ by VanRullen and Koch (2003). This paper hypothesizes that the brain uses cross-frequency coupling to produce working memory and sequence production. Cross-frequency coupling has since become a common metric used to analyze EEG and MEG and may provide a valuable tool in understanding and developing models of human adaptation.

Picard's Approach to Real-World Experimentation

Influential Manuscripts

1 Nov 2016

Rosalind Picard is a pioneer in studying affective physiological state in the real world. Her seminal 2001 paper gives insights into techniques for handling day-to-day human variability and provides several factors to consider in data collection. Check out Picard et al (2001) here!

Around the Lab - Power Methodology

7 Nov 2016

Power Funny

It's always nice to see helpful tips posted around the lab.