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Using Gamification to Promote Adherence in Long-Term Monitoring

14 Nov 2016

The THVP project is taking a challenge of attempting to understand human variability over long time periods in real world settings. One of the critical problems they will face is minimizing attrition of volunteers over the course of long-term data collection. A possible solution to this issue may arise from focusing on the timing and frequency of rewards being provided to volunteers for their participation.

Exercise tracking applications represent an example of technology that has made use of this approach for motivating users.

ARL’s Human Science Campaign Announces Call for Proposals for 2018 Internal Basic Research

ARL’s 2018 Human Sciences competitive basic research program refresh (BRPR) seeks long-term internal research projects beginning in October 2018 focused on the broad research programs in Cybernetics (CybN) and The Human Variability Project (THVP). Internal ARL research is research conducted at ARL or ARL's open campus facilities by ARL "on-site" personnel. For this call, on-site personnel includes any students, post-doctoral researchers, or technicians located at any facility ARL employees work at (>25% of that ARL employees time) under a formal Open Campus agreement. For more information, there will be an open forum on these topics 5 Dec 2017 at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.

Application Deadline: 20 Jan 2017

7 Nov 2016

Collaborative Student Projects

CAST partners are continuously providing opportunities for students to participate in collaborative projects. The goals of these opportunities are to enable students to develop new skills and knowledge as well as increase communications and collaborations across partners. While specific calls for student projects are occasionally offered, students can apply on a rolling basis by submitting an application.

Application Deadline: Rolling

1 Nov 2016