Adaptive Teaming of Agents and Soldiers

AdaptiveTeamingArmy Capability Objective

Robust and Resilient Teaming will enable rapid team organization and action in response to as well as in anticipation of sudden changes in the operational environment. Exploiting the complementary strengths of Solders and agents will enable teams to adaptively seize temporary windows of opportunity as they arise or are created, which will be especially critical during high-pressure and high-risk missions in complex multi-domain environments.



This area of research and development aims to address a critical Army gap of providing Soldiers and agents the ability to think and fight in teams. Together, the Soldier-agent squad must have the capability to jointly respond to adversarial events with the same agility demonstrated by teams composed entirely of human Soldiers. Basic science towards this objective addresses joint goals of enhancing mutual situation awareness in complex environments and enabling adaptation to dynamic resource constraints based on context-defined need, risk, and reward. Applied efforts drive toward the creation of technologies that instantiate predictive mechanisms that allow mutual adaptation of evolving team and agent intentions. A long-term vision for this science is to provide a basis for demonstrable advances in Solder-Intelligent Agent teams as they respond to the unique challenges of future multi-domain battlefields.  Take a look at our exciting new collaborative endeavor in this domain, the Strengthening Teamwork for Robust Operations in Novel Groups (STRONG) program.