Capstone Presentations of the CaN CTA

Beginning in 2010 and concluding in 2020, the CaN CTA has served as a highly generative source of advances in the cognitive and computational neurosciences as well as in brain-computer interaction methods and technologies that are now being applied towards, as well as inspiring, ambitious objectives for revolutionizing the science of human-autonomy teaming and collaboration. Here, we aim to provide a small window into the many insights and innovations that emerged through a decade of collaboration among the dynamic and internationally-diverse community of high-impact scientists and engineers that were the backbone of success for this program.

In the wake of the global pandemic that struck the world in 2020, resulting in the cancellations of large gatherings everywhere, we have elected to create this modest, yet thoughtful virtual space to both present a clear and concise picture of the most impactful outcomes of the CaN CTA. Indeed, the collective investment of time, people, and resources that lead to these successes was nothing short of monumental.

Please enjoy taking as much time as you wish to peruse the links below. Of course, if anything rouses your interests and perhaps even inspires a desire to work more closely on problems of mutual interest, we encourage you to read about the varied mechanisms that we have at our disposal to generate avenues and spaces for close collaboration.

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