Scientific Focus Areas

    Advanced Computational Approaches
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    Brain Computer Interaction
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    Real World Neuroscience
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Modern neuroscience research is a truly multidisciplinary endeavor. Across the world’s leading research institutions, neuroscience research is conducted by scientists from diverse fields, including, but not limited to, neuroscience and neurobiology, genetics, psychology, kinesiology, statistics, applied mathematics, physics, computer science, and engineering. These research efforts depend upon the collaborative relationships that are at the heart of the ARL’s Collaborative Technology Alliances. With partner institutions from Taiwan to Germany, the CaN CTA truly embodied the CTA concept, bringing together leading academics from world-class research organizations from around the globe.

Led by its industry partner, DCS Corporation (DCS), the CaN CTA Consortium has included institutions that are widely recognized as leaders in the academic research world.  In the course of its ten-year execution, the CaN CTA Consortium and its partners have included the following: 

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