Transition: STRONG CRA

The future vision for the U.S. Army includes the seamless integration of humans and intelligent agents working together. The Strengthening Teamwork for Robust Operations in Novel Groups (STRONG) Program is building on the success of the CaN-CTA, with the goal of developing the foundation for enhanced teamwork in heterogeneous human-intelligent agent teams. This collaborative venture brings together multidisciplinary expertise to support technology breakthroughs based on specific and critical scientific questions to enable this future vision.

As part of the STRONG CRA, current efforts are attempting to enable agent capabilities to predict and understand their human teammates via physiological sensors of the human members of the teams. Critical features of the research comes from the multimodal software data collection suite developed under the CaNCTA.

Advanced Computational Approaches
Efforts within the ACA, showing behavioral relationships with neural dynamics using network science and complex systems approaches, have led to the integration of neural measures within the STRONG CRA, as providing the foundation for non-human teammates to “understand and predict” their human teammate’s behavior.

Real World Neuroimaging
Products from the RWN thrust area have made the foundational science in real-world tasks as part of the STRONG CRA possible, providing the artifact correction tools used as part of the team data collection efforts.

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