Side-By-Side Collaboration

Collaboration2Work side-by-side with us at one of our facilities.  In addition to ongoing collaborative efforts at various University and other CCDC ARL extended locations, CAST research is actively pursued in a variety of our advanced facilities in the metropolitan Baltimore-Washington Area. Whether at the Adelphi Laboratory Center or Aberdeen Proving Ground, our team has access to world-class facilities and labs, some of which – like our INFORMS Lab - are unique to our organization. We frequently invite and host students, post-doctoral researchers, as well as early- and late-career scientists for various types of collaborations.

Some examples of this type of collaboration include:
  Summer research for high school and undergraduate students
  Post-doctoral appointments
  Workshops and seminars
  Collaborative research projects and programs

There are a variety of mechanisms that are listed on our both our Open Campus and CCDC ARL websites; these include student fellowships, term civilian appointments, competitively-funded cooperative agreements, and many more! Some specific highlights include the Gains in the Education of Mathematics and Science (GEMS) and the Science and Engineering Apprentice Programs (SEAP), both of which provide short term summer research experiences for those aged K-12 to work side-by-side with CCDC ARL scientist and engineers. For longer-term experiences, students across more advanced levels from bachelor’s degrees to PhDs may be interested in exploring some of our fellowship options. Head over to the Our Team page if you want to explore the CAST members and learn about their current research focus.