Science & Technology

        Technology Demonstration
           Intelligent Squad Weapons
           Vehicle Crew-Agent Teaming 
        Applied Science
           Adaptive Teaming
           Agents Understanding Soldiers
           Soldiers Understanding Agents
        Foundational Science
           CaN CTA Program
           STRONG Program

Given the broad mission of ARL, the science and technology development in the CAST aims to support the needs of a variety of stakeholders. From individual collaborative projects with partners in academic laboratories to targeted development that supports continual Army modernization to achieve transformational overmatch, we specialize in doing the work that transitions ground-breaking foundational concepts and models into specific military applications. At the end of the day, basic and applied CAST science enables fundamental capabilities across the spectrum of technical maturity and shepherds their transition to technologies that support Army modernization through focused, military-relevant demonstrations.  Please use the items shown to the right as you explore the scope and vision for developing a new science for complex teaming of humans and intelligent agents.






Agents Understanding SoldiersSoldiers Understanding AgentsAdaptive Teaming of Agents and SoldiersVehicle Crew-Agent TeamingIntelligence on Squad Weapons