Tool: Spindler
Site: https://github.com/VisLab/EEG-Spindles
Authors: John LaRocco and Kay Robbins (UTSA), Piotr Franazczuk and Scott Kerick (ARL)
Software Language(s): MATLAB 2014 or later
Software Type: command line / with visualizations









What it does:  Spindler is an automated tool for detecting oscillatory narrow-band signal bursts in EEG and other physiological measurements. Spindler has been applied to measure alpha spindles in driving data and sleep spindles in overnight recordings.  Spindler uses the geometry of parameter curves that it constructs on the fly to select thresholds appropriate for the analysis.

Why is this important?   Alpha spindles and sleep spindles exhibit considerable variability and it is difficult to set thresholds for most algorithms without careful experimentation for each dataset.  Spindler is designed to be used in an automated setting for processing many datasets. It determines appropriate thresholds from the geometry of its parameter curves.


Principal publication:

J. LaRocco, P. J. Franaszczuk, S. Kerick, and K Robbins (2018). Spindler: a framework for parametric analysis and detection of spindles in EEG with application to sleep spindles. J. Neural Engineering 15(6): 066015. doi: 10.1088/1741-2552/aadc1c