Agents Understanding Soldiers

AUSArmy Capability Objective

Individualized, Adaptive Technologies will enable intelligent agents to provide the Soldier with the right support, when it is needed, and without needing to be asked first. Agents will accomplish this by effectively developing an intuition-like ability to predict the intentions and actions of their Soldier counterparts and then adjust their performance to match those needs or to execute complementary and supporting tasks.



Research in this area aims to develop groundbreaking tools and methods to enable intelligent agents to understand the actions, intentions, goals, and general reasoning of their Soldier teammates. The basic science required to support this capability includes defining new paradigms and measures that will enable modeling of human variability across multiple levels of granularity, from physiological to individual and team performance. Applied efforts involve the development of tools to model, measure, and predict team performance for test and evaluation. Essential long term goals of science and technology in this area are to create and evolve algorithms that enable agent adaptation to Soldiers as well as to develop the first-ever capability to conduct model-based measurement for human-autonomy teams.