Electromagnetic Warfare Workshop for ARL Strategic Planning (EW-WASP)

The DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory (ARL) at the Adelphi Laboratory Center is pleased to host this important workshop to support the future strategic direction of EW activities at ARL.

As ARL leads the Army in aligning its research activities toward Multi-Domain Operations (MDO), there is compelling need to leverage peer advice in understanding technology priorities, transition opportunities, and the needed business alignment to create an impactful ARL Electromagnetic Warfare R&D strategy that seeks technology overmatch for our Soldiers. This Tri-Service workshop will identify important emerging technologies for EW, show the current state of ARL activities, and prioritize with the help of our peers, areas that require continued and new investments. It is intended that this workshop be a crucial first step to invigorate Electromagnetic Warfare as AFC’s key enabler for impacting the Warfighter in the MDO context.

This meeting will be Classified at Secret level.  Total attendee numbers are limited due to COVID protocol.

Meeting Venue

DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory
2800 Powder Mill Road
Adelphi, MD 20783

Meeting Dates

Tuesday and Wednesday, November 16-17, 2021

Day 1 Agenda – ALC-Auditorium (max capacity: 50)

8:159:00Check-in (Lobby)
9:009:05Welcome / Intro / Logistics
Dr. Baker / Dr. del Rosario
High Level Picture
9:059:15Motivation and Expectations
Dr. Sablon
9:159:35USD(R&E) Perspective: Meeting Future Needs
Dr. Krapels
9:359:55USD(A&S) Perspective: Current Capabilities and Near Term Challenges
Mr. Tremper
9:5510:15Technology Direction and EW Implications
Dr. Boksiner
10:1510:35Scientific Direction and EW Implications
Dr. Govoni
10:5011:05Navy EW S&T Overview
11:0511:20Air Force EW S&T Overview
11:2011:35DARPA STO Efforts in EW
Dr. Higgins
11:3511:45Experimentation & Transition opportunities: 1) Army CFT Snapshot
Dr. Hedden
11:4511:55Experimentation & Transition opportunities: 2) EW notional strategy framework ACM/BL perspective: how can 6.1/6.2 best inform requirements development?
11:5512:15Panel Discussion: Goals for the 2035 timeframe: What technologies capabilities will come on line per 6.1/6.2?
Moderator – CPT Munoz
Technology Showcase Sessions
13:1514:15Session 1: Enabling Front End Materials & Devices:
1. RF Device Technologies
2. EO/IR
3. Power electronics
Moderator – Dr. Govoni
14:1515:15Session 2: Algorithms/Processing:
2. Distributed Timing
3. Alternative Bands
4. AI/ML projection: moving beyond libraries, towards autonomy
Moderator – Mr. Freeman
15:3016:30Session 3: Architectures:
2. Hardware-in-the-Loop/AEWL
Moderator – Dr. Hedden

Day 2 Agenda – Parallel Breakout Groups

8:309:00Check-in (Lobby)
9:009:30Army EW Needs – ACM Perspective
Col Holland
9:309:45Breakout Overview
Dr. del Rosario
9:4511:15Breakout Sessions 1) RF & EOIR Front End Technologies
Moderator – Dr. Govoni
9:4511:15Breakout Sessions 2) Algorithms & Processing
Moderator – Mr. Freeman
9:4511:15Breakout Sessions 3) Architectures
Moderator – Dr. Hedden
11:3012:30Reconvene large group & Discuss Initial Conclusions & Paths Forward
Moderator – Dr. del Rosario

COVID Protocol

If you are not feeling well or any potential COVID symptoms, please do not come to the meeting.

Masks are required at all times, except for during lunch.  At that time, people will be spaced out in the Auditorium to eat (or people can step outside if they prefer).

As part of registration, you will need to read onsite COVID protocol for ARL Adelphi and complete certificate indicating you understand the safety protocol required.

Visitor Access Requirements

  1. All – please register at the link below
    1. At this link, you will RSVP for Tuesday and Wednesday meetings,
    2. CAC users – Please click yes or no –do you have a CAC? Your CAC will get you through the gate the day of the meeting. If you do not have a CAC, please proceed to number 2.
  2. All attendees who do NOT possess a DoD Common Access Card (CAC) or Military ID, must submit a Garrison Access Form in order to get through the gate and access the installation. Please submit no later than 5 Nov 2021.  Please contact Valerie or Diane (see emails below) to receive a DoD SAFE link to securely send the form.
  3. All must submit clearances for this Classified Meeting at the Secret level.  Please send clearances via DISS:

Date of Meeting: 16-17 Nov 2021
Purpose of Meeting: EW Workshop
JPAS SMO Code: W262AA5
Clearance Level: Secret
POC: Romeo del Rosario 301-394-3562
Admin POC:        Valerie Atkinson 301-394-1502
                             Diane Green 301-394-0735

  1. Option to purchase food for the day: this will include a box lunch (specify if dietary restrictions), and drink and cookie. Cost is $13 CASH, due on arrival at meeting. Attendees will EITHER pre-register for food and drink (and commit to paying cash at registration) or bring your own lunch and drinks. With COVID protocol, attendees can spread out in Auditorium to eat or leave building if they prefer.
  2. COVID onsite protocol – please read and concur that you understand ARL Adelphi onsite COVID protocol.
  3. Map and Visitors Guide is attached.  Please plan to park in either the East Parking lot or the South Parking lot. To park in the East Parking lot, you will take the first right after coming through the front gate. To park in the South Parking lot, you will take the first left onto South Avenue from Floral Drive. The visitor center is in the main building 205.


Please contact Valerie Atkinson, valerie.atkinson.ctr@army.mil, 301-394-1502, Diane Green 301-394-0735 diane.green21.civ@army.mil.

Please review the supplied material before registration:

Registration has closed for the EW-WASP Meeting

Please contact Diane Green or Neil Vallestero with any questions or concerns: