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We speak with Army scientists and engineers about the science and technology that will modernize the U.S. Army and make our Soldiers stronger and safer. Each episode introduces an engaging interview with lab researchers to explore a wide range of scientific disciplines and discuss technological advancements for the future Army.

A commercial company creating software applications and embedded systems for wireless communications, signal processing and machine learning is now working with the Army Research Laboratory.

In this episode, we talk with the CEO and an Army researcher about the partnership.

The Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology, also known as ASA(ALT), launched a nationwide competition to revolutionize the way the Army attracts and encourages innovation. It is called xTech! The competition has evolved into something much broader. Now in its fifth iteration, xTech has grown into something of an incubator for promising new defense and dual-use technologies.

In this episode, we speak with Dr. Matt Willis, the U.S. Army’s director for prize competitions out of ASA(ALT) and Zeke Topolosky from the DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory and the xTech program manager about how the Army is jump starting innovation by investing in new ideas.

For information on the program, visit https://www.xtechsearch.army.mil/.

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