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Army researchers work to make robots self-sufficient

The Army looks to teams of air-and ground-based autonomous agents

March 30, 2021

Army lab, UCF optimize 3D printing process

Researchers collaborate to improve additive manufacturing

March 29, 2021

Machine learning shows potential to enhance quantum information transfer

Army-funded researchers demonstrate a machine learning approach that corrects quantum information in systems

March 22, 2021

Advancement creates nanosized, foldable robots

Army-funded researchers created nanosized robots that could enable locomotion, novel metamaterial design

March 19, 2021

Army, Air Force fund research to support multi-domain operations superiority

Researchers take step toward fault-tolerant quantum computing

March 16, 2021

Researchers develop model to help track emerging worldwide events

Model to provide analysts new clues

March 15, 2021

Army-funded research lays groundwork for future quantum networks

Army-funded research will help bring about future quantum communication networks

March 11, 2021

Army gets boost from world’s largest, fastest metal powder 3D printer

New technology will speed up development of 3D-printed components

March 9, 2021

Army researcher collaborates with Spelman College on AI, machine learning

Army researcher briefs students and faculty at Spelman College

March 8, 2021

Tech demos to provide better glimpse of reality for Soldiers, scientists

Laboratory looks to shorten the time to get feedback

March 4, 2021

Army scientists partner with DARPA to develop COVID-19 sensor

Researchers join an 18-month effort to discover a monitor capable of detecting SARS-CoV-2

March 1, 2021

Army-funded researcher receives award for mathematical theory

Researcher develops mathematical theory for complex systems such as networks, power grids

February 26, 2021