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New discovery robustly screens cyberattacks

Army researchers discovered a method to enhance the effectiveness of cyber defenders

July 22, 2020

Army readies robots for underground tunnels

Software can facilitate the robots that can exploit underground environments

July 21, 2020

Army scientist aims to shape future leaders

An Army scientist has the unique ability to shape scientific capabilities, leaders

July 20, 2020

Army seeks environmentally friendlier ammunition

Researchers develop lead-free primary explosives

July 16, 2020

DOD awards $154 million to Army-led flexible electronics project

Second cooperative agreement will advance more than 60 manufacturing projects

July 15, 2020

Army robots get driver education for difficult tasks

Ground robots to interactively learn from a Soldier

July 14, 2020

New solar material could clean drinking water

Researchers use new technique for solar water purification

July 13, 2020

Army researchers pursue tactical edge in electronic warfare

Researchers plan to unify electronic warfare with cyber technology

July 9, 2020

AI enables efficiencies in quantum information processing

A new machine learning framework could pave the way for small, mobile quantum networks

July 8, 2020

Army researchers find safeguards for quantum communications

Army researchers develop a new way to protect and safeguard quantum information, moving quantum networks a step closer to reality

July 7, 2020

New research shows promising future for warfighter communication

Army researchers prove that a reliable data delivery system can be created that survives adverse network environments

July 1, 2020

Army researchers augment combat vehicles with AI

Future Soldiers will benefit through the integration of autonomous systems in Army vehicles

June 25, 2020