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Army senior research scientist retires

An Army senior research scientist retires June 29 after decades of service

July 6, 2021

Army researchers, small business partner to enhance communication

Army and industry researchers are working to deliver new technology so Soldiers can protect themselves

June 30, 2021

Army program introduces new software for robot autonomy

ADELPHI, Md. — Army researchers successfully developed a suite of new software capabilities for the Army’s future robots. The Scalable, Adaptive and Re…

June 29, 2021

Pioneering chemistry approach could lead to more robust soft electronics

An Army-funded research team measured the individual molecules’ mechanical, kinetic properties during polymerization reaction for the first time

June 16, 2021

Uniforms with programmable fiber could transmit data and more

Army-funded research resultsin the development of a programmable fiber that could transmit data from uniforms

June 14, 2021

AI-driven Soldier technology wins praise from engineering society

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Communications Society recognizes an Army researcher and collaborators their work

June 14, 2021

Army researchers develop game-changing cybersecurity software tool

Army researchers create technologies for decision makers to identify and execute the best-courses-of-action

June 10, 2021

Army researchers gain insights on material-converting fungi

Army researchers take a step closer to engineering filamentous fungi

June 9, 2021

Agreement brings Soldiers, academia together to solve military challenges

Army scientists and engineers partner with combat arms units to create closer working relationships

June 8, 2021

Army’s national research lab seeks DEI leader

Newly-created role to foster diversity, equity, inclusion

June 8, 2021

Army researchers develop innovative framework for training AI

Army researchers now have a baseline for the development of collaborative multi-agent systems

June 7, 2021

Army partners with innovators in xTech competitions

ADELPHI, Md. — The U.S. Army holds a series of nationwide competitions to revolutionize the way the it attracts and encourages innovation. The venture,…

June 4, 2021