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Army technique enhances robot battlefield operations

Technique allows robots to remain resilient when faced with intermittent communication losses

April 27, 2021

Army researchers train tech tools based on Soldier sensory data

Army, Navy researchers agree to train tech tools based on warfighter gaze

April 26, 2021

Army-funded research paves way for improved lasers, communications

Photonics may transform all manners of electronic devices

April 22, 2021

Army, ASU publish human-autonomy communication tips

Researchers identify approaches to help scientists assess success

April 22, 2021

Army-funded research yields new process that breaks down biodegradable plastics faster

Invention could solve waste management challenges on the battlefield RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. — With Army funding, scientists invented a way to ma…

April 21, 2021

Army study looks at how exoskeleton tech adapts to Soldiers

Study uses adaptive exoskeleton boot

April 20, 2021

Army researchers create pioneering approach to real-time conversational AI

ADELPHI, Md. — Spoken dialogue is the most natural way for people to interact with complex autonomous agents such as robots. Future Army operational en…

April 19, 2021

Low-cost tech prepares Army for new threats

Researchers keep a close eye on the evolution of new, low-cost threat emitters

April 15, 2021

Army’s corporate research laboratory receives innovation award

The Federal Laboratory Consortium recognizes federal laboratories and their industry partners for outstanding technology

April 12, 2021

Army researchers work to make robots self-sufficient

The Army looks to teams of air-and ground-based autonomous agents

March 30, 2021

Army lab, UCF optimize 3D printing process

Researchers collaborate to improve additive manufacturing

March 29, 2021

Machine learning shows potential to enhance quantum information transfer

Army-funded researchers demonstrate a machine learning approach that corrects quantum information in systems

March 22, 2021