Open Campus Open House 2017

Thank you for attending our fourth Open Campus Open House at APG.  We received positive comments from several of our academia and industry attendees on how well the Open House presented potential collaborative research opportunities.

We look forward to continuing collaborative research opportinities with each of you, use this site to review the open opportunities and contact the PI's directly.

Partnering Mechanisms

ARL’s Open Campus business model envisions the creation of a dynamic, cooperative science and technology ecosystem that links government assets with the global research community.  Collaboration is centered on mutual scientific interest and investment by all partners.  Open Campus partners work side-by-side with ARL research scientists and engineers, share ARL’s specialized research facilities, bring ARL researchers to their institutions to communicate a perspective on research conducted in federal laboratories, and become part of the broader DoD network.  ARL is opening areas of its Adelph

Research Areas

The United States Army of 2030 will operate in a rapidly changing environment, hitherto unparalleled in complexity. Developing trends and the dynamics of the Army's future operational environment suggest that the Army's land power dominance will demand an increased speed of responsiveness, mechanisms to mitigate or wholly eliminate tactical surprise, a capability to effectively accommodate changing alliances and partnerships, and proficiencies across a myriad of functional domains. Strategic land power dominance will be critical to the U. S.