Technical Focus Areas:

  • Materials & Manufacturing Sciences
  • Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent Systems
    • Cyber & Secured Comms at the Tactical Edge

ARL Extended sites are selected based on:

  • Critical mass of first class research talent and infrastructure
  • Proximity to innovation centers – transition to and from industry
  • Locations beyond ARL’s current regions
  • Co-location with significant research partners and facilities


Established January 2018 - Main office in Boston, MA area

Inquires can be sent to:

In The News:

  • The United States Army recently brought its second Expeditionary Technology Search competition, known as xTechSearch 2.0, to the greater Boston area to seek novel, disruptive concepts and technologies to advance capabilities in the Army modernization priority area of Soldier Lethality. <read more>

  • Army Research Lab opens regional partnership in Boston
    April 09, 2018
    Courtney McBride, Inside Defense
    The Army Research Laboratory has established a new outpost designed to leverage academic and private-sector resources to advance the service's science and technology priorities.
    ARL Northeast, headquartered in Boston, will enable Army scientists to work alongside their counterparts from academia and industry in a bid to narrow the gap between basic and applied research and the provision of capabilities for soldiers. <read more>

  • Northeastern teams up with U.S. Army Research Lab
    BOSTON (WHDH) — Northeastern University announced Monday it will be teaming up with the U.S. Army Research Lab. <read more>

  • US Army Eyes Faster Weapons Development with a New Collaboration Hub
    Super-strong materials, cyber defenses are on the agenda as the Army Research Lab launches new partnerships.
    When the Pentagon wanted to expand its tech outreach beyond Silicon Valley, officials looked to Boston, opening the second DIUx location there in 2016. <read more>

ARL Northeast