Partnership Summit 2018

The United States Army held its second Expeditionary Technology Search competition, known as xTechSearch 2.0, to engage with the non-traditional small business sector in Austin, Texas, March 5-6. <read more>

ARL South

Technical Focus Areas:

  • Biotechnology
    • Synthetic Bio-materials
    • Secure Synthetic DNA Production Facility
    • Unique World Algae Collection
  • Cybertechnology
    • Cyber / Physical Systems
    • Cyber Analytics and Visualization
    • Discovery
    • Human Dimensions
    • Machine Learning
    • Resource Constrained Detection
  • Materials and Manufacturing
    • Additive Manufacturing
    • High Temperature Characterization
    • Selective Laser Printing
    • Severe Plastic Deformation
  • Power and Energy
    • Legacy Expertise Due to the Semi-Conductor Industry
    • Vast, State-of-the-Art Clean Rooms


  • Twenty-five ARL government and contract employees embedded within regional research communities
  • ARL is funding seven dually mentored post-docs / graduate students and five faculty research projects
  • Formal agreements are established with 14 universities in Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana and Oklahoma


  • Southern Methodist University – Cybertechnology
  • Texas A&M University – Biotechnology, Cybertechnology, Power and Energy, Materials / Manufacturing
  • Texas Tech University – Power and Energy
  • University of North Texas – Materials / Manufacturing
  • University of Texas at San Antonio – Cybertechnology
  • University of Texas at Dallas – Cybertechnology
  • University of Texas at Arlington – Cybertechnology
  • University of Texas at Austin – Biotechnology, Materials / Manufacturing, Power and Energy
  • University of Texas at El Paso – Cybertechnology, Materials / Manufacturing


Established April 2017 – Main office in Austin, Texas

Inquires can be sent to: