Science of Analysis and Assessment

Assessment of Science and Technology concentrates on understanding the costs and benefits of R&D efforts, their readiness levels, risks, potential payoffs, and integration chal¬lenges.

Augmenting Threat Analysis Capabilities Using Intelligent Threat Agents

Computer and network vulnerability is tested by having evaluators attempt to penetrate the systems under test. During these penetration tests, an evaluator must typically gather information about the system under test. This is a critical, time consuming step that involves tracing through large amounts of complex data, and then decide the next-course of action. Decisions are dependent on evaluator experience, time constraints, and the availability of public vulnerability data. We are researching ways of reducing the time, evaluator interaction, and evaluator experience needed to adequately characterize computers and computer networks so that the time needed for vulnerability analyses can be reduced. Researcher will provide fundamental research and analysis to develop algorithms, models, and tools that are capable of learning and evolving from observations of computer interfaces and networks that will lead to more thorough, scientifically-based vulnerability assessments.  Posters: Augmenting Threat Analysis Capabilities Using Intelligent Threat Agents

Principal Investigator:

Jaime Acosta,, (575) 678-8115