Collaboration Opportunities Analysis & Assessment

Premier provider of land forces engineering analyses and assessment of technologies through unprecedented analytical capabilities and expertise.

ARL’s A&A Campaign is focused on guiding the development and integration of technologies, substantially broadening the range of issues that can be addressed with analytical rigor, and improving the throughput and responsiveness of the analytical processes. This campaign builds on fundamental pillars of mathematics, statistics, physics, materials science, network science, computer science, engineering, and chemistry to conduct Survivability, Lethality, and Vulnerability (SLV) analyses and Human Systems Integration (HSI) analyses.

Strongly supported by these foundational pillars, the Analysis and Assessment Campaign is scientifically rigorous with a focus on addressing vulnerability, lethality, and HSI challenges to aid development and fielding of Army-critical materiel systems. The areas of emphasis include science of analysis and assessment; developing tools, techniques, and methodologies to aid SLV analyses; conducting analysis and assessment on technologies; and conducting analysis and assessment on systems and associated personnel.

Science of Analysis and Assessment concentrates on understanding the key types of analytical problems likely to confront the Army of 2030, exploiting the latest developments in the other Science & Technology (S&T) campaigns, academia, and industry, and performing basic and applied research to develop the new tools required. Areas within the Science of Analysis and Assessment include research and application of advanced mathematical, statistical, and network science within analytical and assessment capabilities; research on how to model and assess complex adaptive and collaborative systems; and research into analytical approaches to failure, healing, and resilience of platforms and personnel.

Developing Tools, Techniques, and Methodologies concentrates on improving the analytical toolkit used for analyses and assessment of systems, associated personnel, and technologies. Tools, techniques, and methodology development aligns with the Core Campaign Enablers (CCEs) of Ballistics SLV, Electronic Warfare (EW) SLV, Cyber SLV, Personnel Survivability, HSI, and Complex Adaptive Systems Analysis. For all of these areas, verifying and validating assessment techniques are used to improve the ability to provide stakeholders and customers with analysis and assessments that are technically compliant, accurate, precise, usable, and defensible.

Conducting Analysis and Assessment on Technologies concentrates on understanding the survivability, lethality, and vulnerability of technologies developed for the Army in the other ARL S&T Campaigns as well as within the Research Development and Engineering Centers, elsewhere in government, industry, academia, or internationally. Technology trade-space analysis and assessment estimates the benefits and potential payoffs of research efforts, shaping the technology development, and identifying potential integration challenges.

Conducting Analysis and Assessment on Systems and Associated Personnel concentrates on understanding and exploiting system’s technologies, design, and employment together with current—and likely future—state-of-the-art developments to optimize designs and to inform evaluation and acquisition decisions with analyses that are both technically sound and practically efficient. Key analysis areas include SVL and HSI.