Non-Kinetic Lethality

Non-Kinetic Lethality concentrates on technologies that deliver an energy beam of concentrated electromagnetic energy or atomic/subatomic particles sufficient to cause lethal effects.

Ultrashort Pulse Laser Propagation and Interactions with Solid Matter

Our research seeks better understanding of the nature of ultrashort laser pulses to propagate through transparent media (e.g., air) and interact with an opaque solid target. The primary method of propagation is laser filamentation leading to an intense, concentrated pulse of light that can travel many meters overcoming linear divergence. We seek to understand how filaments propagate in air and create longer-lasting structures that can affect other forms of electromagnetic radiation. We also seek to study the effects of filamentation ablation of solid targets including phenomenological effects of micro- and nano-scale surface features. Filaments and filament ablation generate a wide range of electromagnetic energy. Modeling and simulation of both propagation and target interactions is of interest to complement experimental studies.

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Anthony Valenzuela 410-278-9876