Center for Cyber Analysis & Assessment (CCAA)


In an increasingly networked world, the necessity to strengthen cyber security is self-evident. The frequency of cybersecurity attacks on individuals, businesses and government is on the rise at an overwhelming pace. This upsurge of cyber threats emphasizes the need for collaboration among cyber analysts, testers and evaluators to develop innovative cyber defense strategies. The Center for Cyber Analysis and Assessment (CCAA) focuses primarily on leveraging the analyst’s viewpoint when tackling cybersecurity research problems. The goal of the CCAA is to expand the current state of the art related to analysis and assessment research to include security evaluation, forensics, intrusion identification, protection and detection. Outcomes of the center include applicable theories, algorithms and models.


  • Portable data collection infrastructure
  • Notional scenarios for analyst-centric training and analysis
  • Collaboratively developed tools and acquired data
  • Environment with cross-domain academics, professionals and students
  • Exclusive technical workshops and exercises
  • Opportunities for joint proposals

Unique Facilities/Capabilities

An accessible hybrid platform that uses hardware, emulation and simulation for hosting small- to large-scale cybersecurity scenarios. These scenarios are used to host hands-on exercises and to collect analyst-centric datasets to enable collaborative, cross-domain empirical-based research.

Concept of Operation

The CCAA will develop a collaborative portal that focuses on cyber forensics, the advancement of fundamental theory, models and algorithms that will benefit the regional cybersecurity community. Through collaboration the portal will develop:

  • Techniques for efficiently identifying cross-domain vulnerabilities, potential impacts and remediation strategies in systems and networks.
  • Innovative tools, technology and concepts for the automated identification of complex, memory resident vulnerabilities.

Point of Contact

Jaime C. Acosta
Survivability/Lethality Analysis Directorate
(575) 678-8115

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Open to government, academia and industry with interest in cybersecurity assessment and analysis.

Collaborative Focus

Establish a cross-domain network that enables collecting and sharing datasets along with assessment and digital forensics methodologies to improve security evaluation, remediation and defense capabilities.

Develop a joint portal to facilitate collaborative analysis, research and tool development.