Human Sciences Opportunities


In the area of cybernetics, which is a scientific discipline that bridges the fields of control theory and communication theory for the study and modeling of behavior in complex systems, research is carried out to examine the complex human-system-


Research will accelerate Soldier lifting and mobility capabilities through exoskeleton systems with improved safety and reduced training requirements.

Human Variability

This effort will enable high fidelity, continuous prediction that can account for continuous changes in Soldier’s physical, cognitive, and social states, such as stress, fatigue, task difficulty, trust, and situational awareness.

Joint Decision Making

This effort will research methodologies and algorithms for machine learning with incomplete, unstructured, potentially deceptive and heterogeneous information, enabling joint decision making for Intelligent Agent-Human teams which adapt to unknown


This Project fosters research through the Cognition and Neuroergonomics Collaborative Technology Alliance (CTA), a competitively selected industry and university consortium, to leverage world-class research in support of future force and Army tran


This Project supports research at the Army's Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies (ICB), led by the University of California-Santa Barbara, and two major supporting partners, the California Institute of Technology and the Massachusetts Inst


Focuses on gaining an understanding of the fundamental aspects of how networks develop, function, and adapt to the environment and the rate of information flow in man-made and naturally occurring networks.

Social Sciences

Social science research focuses on generating fundamental understanding of how social dynamics unfold, taking into account individual-level biophysiological factors contributing to social interaction (e.g., genetics, health, cognition, perception)