2017 Posters - Materials Research

ARL’s Materials Research Campaign builds on fundamental pillars of materials science, physics, mathematics, computational chemistry, synthetic chemistry, biology, and engineering to conduct research in areas including Advanced Experimental Techniques; Modeling and Simulation; Bridging the Scales—a materials-by-design paradigm; Material Property Characterization to measure materials properties and performance to inform the research community across the scales; and Growth or Synthesis and Processing—a materials-on-demand paradigm.


Advanced Battery Chemistries Alternative Energy
Microsystems and Wireless Power Components Ultra-Energy Materials and Nuclear Science
Wide Bandgap Power Electronics and Thermal Science Bio/abioInterfaces and Living Materials
Microbial Consortia for Waste Conversion and Materials Synthesis Material-Driven Antenna Designs
Time-Resolved Spectroscopy & Ultrafast Phenomena Open for Work! The SEMASC and SRNC
Flexible Hybrid Electronics Additive Manufacturing Research
Cold Spray for Additive Manufacturing Energy Coupled to Matter (ECM)
Materials Characterization Under Multi-axial Stress States at Various Loading Rates X-ray Computed Tomography for Materials Science
Synthesis and Processing of Transparent Ceramic Nanocomposites JP-8 Conversion Materials for Energy and Power Applications
Center for Research in Extreme Batteries (CREB) Development of Advanced Ceramics for Future Protection Technologies
Advanced Materials and Processing for Dismounted Soldier Protection Stabilizing and Synthesis of NanocrystallineAlloys for Future Army
NanoelectronicsTeam Efforts in 2D Materials and Electronics Precision Measurement Technologies for Contested Environments
RF MEMS Technology Energy Efficient Electronics
Emerging Electronic Devices Microwave/Millimeter-wave Electronics & Integration Technologies
Energy Storage Materials Superconductor, Topological Insulator, and their Heterogeneous Structures
Compact Power Integrated Photonics
High-Power Electronics Organic Materials for Non-Linear Optics
Center for Semiconductor Modeling of Materials and Devices (CSM) Hybrid Solid-State Quantum Systems for Networking, Sensing, and Simulation
Rare-earth Solids For Long-lived Quantum Memories Advanced Solid-State Lasers
Advanced Polymer Processing Lab Robust Biosensingusing Peptide Technology
Center for Agile Materials Manufacturing Science (CAMMS) II-VI INFRARED RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT Realization of High Operating Temperature LW-HgCdTe
Growth of III-Nitride Materials and Devices III-V Topological Materials
Integrated RF-Photonics Thermal Science & Engineering