Posters Human Sciences 2016

Posters 2016

Continuous Multi-faceted Soldier Characterization for Adaptive Technologies
Individual Differences in Human Variability for Translational Neuroscience
Social Psychophysiology of Immersion
Novel Approaches for Real-World Neuroimaging
Field Assessment of Dismounted Soldier Performance
Biomechanics for a Dismounted Warrior
Interaction of Physical and Cognitive Performance
Real-Time Assessment of Group Dynamics
Measuring Team Behaviors Under Stress
Control Systems for Physical Augmentation
Neurotechnology for Rapid Capability Enhancement
Real-World Perceptual Augmentation
Human Performance Augmentation for Improved Lethality
Cloud GIFT –Virtual Open Campus
Distributed Soldier Representation
Cyber Battlefield Operating System Simulation Tools for Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) Simulations
Virtual World Research
Live Training Technologies
Human System Integration -Cybernetics
Similarity Metrics for Multimodal Cueing
Human-Robot Interaction
Manned and Unmanned Collaborative Systems Integration
Human-Robot Interaction & Human-Agent Teaming
Performance Assessment of Multiple Cybersecurity Teams in a Cyber Exercise Event
Understanding Sociocultural Influences

ARL’s research in Human Sciences is focused on identifying, creating, and transitioning scientific discoveries and technological innovations underlying Human Behavior, Human Capa­bility Enhancement, and Integration of Humans and Systems that are critical to the U.S. Army’s future technological superiority. This campaign concentrates on high-risk and high-payoff transforma­tional basic research; critically-focused, promising applied research; and selective advanced tech­nology development that are expected to have revolutionary impacts on the Army’s warfighting capabilities. In addition to significantly improving the Army’s existing warfighting capabilities, it creates disruptive and game-changing Soldier-centric technologies for the Army, while also preventing technological surprises from potential adversaries.